One of the “Favourites” of my new paintings is “Sticky Back Plastic”, and it gets the most questions; “who is it?” “What is it”?, and “How did you paint it”?

This Painting was done this year (2011) but has been around for 10 years, I first painted it “digitally” in 2001, from a video frame, that i accidentally paused when i was going to get a glass of wine.. I came back and thought, “What an image”!, and if I had never paused it, “At that time” it would not exist on canvas today. I worked out how to get that frame from my telly to the p.c, and then done a photoshop image; see below..

This year I had to plan, that I wanted to rework this, so I started it.. the results are quite good, and when people view this painting, they comment about the “Pride”, and such nobility.

the results are below.

I painted this with the original piece in mind, Basically i tried to paint a photoshop image, so there are 18 layers of paint on there. Because i could not use masks, like you do on Photoshop, I used masking tape.The Result of using soo many layers, is that, depending on the time of the day, the colours change, they go from greys to blues, then to oranges! and his cap at the back, changes colour like , “tonic” the fabric.

The Image is 30 inches by 30 inches, and the media used was, Acrylic, Pastel, Charcoal, Pen on canvas.