Inspired by an article and a photo of A.A. Gill in the Sunday Times.
I adore A.A Gill, he is very funny, astute, and a bit of a tosser, so he is in good company here. The original image, smacked of Rene Magritte, calmly holding a chicken, in a suit, with a Trilby on his head. So therefore this is an unashamed homage to that style.

Again this is painted in mixed media, with newspaper, a hell of a lot of pencil and pastel, and layering on varnish then retouching the image , then varnishing again to give an almost glassy feel to some of it, (mostly the shirt and tie area). There is no deep meaning to this apart from image is king! I did try and paint his face, and worked for maybe three days, so i painted over it, with quite zeal, i hasten to add.. and ended up looking like a front of a 1930’s car, or an Art Deco Gargoyle!