I thought I would share some early work, from the 1990’s, these are all paintings on newsprint, seems a simple idea eh? Ohh no! You become obsessed with finding “That perfect Image”, and always looking in bins to find newspapers (before recycling bins), and then figuring out how to do the image justice, and have it relate, to what you are thinking or feeling at the time. I had a box full of newspaper photos, that i kept for 5 years, and I maybe used about 40 or 50 to work on .. from a pile of about 800.

I started when as a kid, maybe 8 or 9, i had a thing of drawing on photographs with ball point pen, and sometimes a wetted pencil. I really just thought of it as “Doodling” until 11 years later, i could see a new process of changing an already formed image, into a new piece of art, which entail, also led me to paint on “Found objects” which i did for a period of maybe 3 years. Anyway, here are a few of my newspaper experiments, from that 90’s period.. I still quite like them. and they are all around the A4 Size. Any commets would be good on this, as revisiting these is like viewing them for the first time again.