I have a lot of time for the the Swiss, “Avant magick Art outfit” Massimo & Pierce.

A couple of years ago, they asked me to do a “Rush job” for an exhibition they was doing with Bruce La Bruce, a great film maker and and Photographer.. and I only got the email when i had just come back from a holiday, so they told me the brief, and I sent them some rough sketches, a couple of ideas, then they approved one, which i would then work on.. then at the 11th hour they mailed and said that , the gallery had their own printed version, that they was going to use! … BUGGER! anyway.. i have not published these pics before, and as i was going thru some work today i found them, and thought I would share.. bearing in mind these are “roughs”  and the brief was to do a line drawing, images below, and an earlier painting I done of them.

Idea Sketch:

idea Design.

A painting I done of Massimo & Pierce, 2006