This is a Piece called “Ghost Box” It was taken from a Photograph that I took At Dungeness in Kent U.K. If you have never been to that part of the world,  I can say it is very very flat,  your view on the beach is 30% land and the rest is just “big” sky!

Dungeness is famous for the late and much missed Artist and film maker Derek Jarman, who had a house there, and also done a film called “The Garden” it is so beautiful there, and the wildlife is abundant. It has a feeling of not being of this planet that I really adore, and it is soo quiet.. quite a magical place. In the midst of this amazing place is a nuclear power station called “Dungeness B”  it is like it has dropped from the sky and landed there. The juxtaposition between the brutality of modernism and the breathtaking scenery is bizzare to say the least. I personally find it enchanting.

Image below: 31 X 49 inches, Acrylic and Matt Emulsion on canvas.