James Austin Murray is an amazing artist, which I greatly admire, his brooding black paintings, have soo much depth and emotion to them, and some are soo heavy, with paint that they can takes months to dry, and also, he has problems painting them onto canvas, because of the weight. check out his website HERE

He launched a protest about the artist Damien Hirst’s commet on the 911 events. And does so with pride, which I admire, video below, and please look at his work.

Artist James Austin Murray took the New York City Firefighter Exam the same morning he graduated from Parsons School of Design. He figured it would be a good way to support his art. Several years later, on September 11, 2001, Jim was on the job.

After a year of working at Ground Zero and spending his days off going to funerals, Jim was shocked by a self-promoting statement made by the artist Damien Hirst. This past weekend Hirst enjoyed the single largest art gallery opening in the history of modern art. Jim took this opportunity to stage his protest. (From Vimeo website)