Thought I would share with you, what, a brain block/explosion feels like. I have been sketching an idea for almost a month now, It is from a family photo, and when I look at it, makes me feel happy, and even emits  a  slight snigger.   Now with the paintings I do, they are always personal to me, but I try to make them never exclusive to the viewer. This is harder than you think, and I spend most of my time trying to convey, these thoughts through the focus of a brush, and paints, therefore showing the expressionism of the piece, so everyone can enjoy it (hopefully).

I realised that this painting was more personal than i originally thought, so I took to bold step to obscure the faces, so to make them more Anonymous , but hopefully you will get the energy and feel for what I am thinking and feeling Through the energy. Anyway it is all work in progress, and I think It will be maybe another weeks work.  Pics below of my studio, and my set up.  I will post online when I am finished, as it seems to be going well. No title as yet, but I think it will be called “Eyemouth”

Be lucky