Just finished this painting, (13/04/12). “School Work Part 1″ Acrylic and emulsion on canvas 24″ x 30”

A little more graphic . I blame my fantastic new brushes, For the first time I have used bigger brushes, in tighter spaces. (usually I use fine tipped brushes for the face). So this time, I went through a HUGE mental block, and the colours , have changed from grey/greens, thru to deep reds, and ended up with the finished result below. I have included a close up, and the prep work as well. And ALSO I painted in My Lounge this time as the light has been really kind to me , and my front room has been bathed in a great light the last few weeks. and I get to be near my beloved Turntable, so this painting was done , listening to a lot of Blunt and copeland tracks (Hype Williams) and some Old Apparatus and the like. Anyway very very pleased with this, looks great in the flesh, and will take a better pic , when i can borrow my friends Canon 550D next time.

schoolwork_etsy_detail1 schoolwork_etsy_large