Been a few weeks since my last post, as been busy painting.. It is an idea I have had for a number of years now, but to be honest I could not Compose it well… (several bad attempts). My focus on this piece is of history and time.. and to the point, the motion of time passing, and captured.. which to my thinking is a huge concept. I am intrigued by old photographs, and snapshots in time.. that I have explored previously In the works, “Sticky Back Plastic” and “Eyemouth”.  This time, I wanted something that was past tense, but still relevant or current to the self now.

I am lucky Enough to live in a vibrant city, famous for it’s Urban Expressionist , Graffiti , and street artists, and particular to where I live there is art on public walls and Band Posters/Flyers pasted everywhere. I have tried to capture an elegant time, imagining Spending time with Otto Dix,  and wandering around Berlin with fly Posters  half ripped from walls.. litter on the street.. dirty walls.. and seedy venues.. so I painted “Down And Out In Berlin, With Otto Dix”

24″ x 30″ Acrylic, Emulsion, Paper, Pastel, Charcoal, PVA, on Canvas.

One other bit of info , is that I am now on the excellent “behance” art website!! I really love it.. and the wealth of art on show is just mind boggling! click link to have a look at my page.