Mark Lecky’s  amazing video art of “Fiorucci Made Me Hardcore” which won the Turner Prize in 1999?  has just been released on Vinyl!! If  you have not seen his Hypnotic Video Installation .. then You still can .. ! there is a video below.. this Seminal Film (yeah I know Seminal) but it is… takes us through U.K dance culture.. from “Northern Soul” right thru to the days of  casual football thugs to “SHOOM” and acid house.. I really adore the Northern Soul clips.. right to the “Ovalteenies” bit!  It is for sale from BoomKat records now! and only 500 copies.. and no reprint!  If like me .. dance culture really changed how I view life and attitudes now.. then this is a must!! buy from BOOMKAT or watch the amazing video below. Oh my!! I have wanted this for ages!!

Be Lucky.