Just been unleashed on the twitterverse is the New Album by Nick Edwards (Ekoplekz) on the glorious Editions Mego record label. I was asked by Nick to do a portrait of him (or was it me that asked him?) and I jumped at the chance, as I have been a fan of his music for a while.. and that tantalising prospect that I may bump into him (we both live in Bristol)  and have a chat .. seemed like an unlikely concept. But I did meet him at a show he was in.. and had a great chat, I took some photos of him in the Men’s Toilet!! was really dark in the venue.. so me grabbing nick.. and asking him to sneak into the toilets with me, was comedic to say the least!

From that odd and fun photo session, he asked if I was up for doing his next album cover.. err yes! so I did, it is done.. I met Nick again, and was such a nice day.. charming, upbeat.. and positive was what I thought of him. So here we have it.. I have done an album cover, the back of the album, and the inner labels (on the vinyl version).

The music is not for the faint hearted, as it is what I would call “Difficult” but I am a fan of  “Difficult Music” anyway.. he adds sounds from his love of Dub Reggae (a Bristolian requirement) and the sounds of  Radiophonic workshop.. Throbbing Gristle, Cabaret Voltaire.. and Dubstep. It is a heady mix.. which I adore.. image below of the front cover, and to pre-order your copy.. go here.

There are lots of videos Of Ekoplekz on youtube but for just the music.. have a listen to this below  and check out what Nick is up to here.