Bristol Baths Art Show Pics.

Well the Art Show at the Brilliant Bristol North Baths came to an end on the 21st July, And I was truly honoured to be part of the building’s last throw of being a vehicle for art. I was in good company as well. Sandy Creighton showed an amazing Video installation called “We Used To Swim” which really sat well within the glorious old foyer.. check out his work here . In the main Swimming Pool Malcy, produced “Ghosts” which was a sound installation of swimming pool noises, children playing, and also spookily had Chlorine smells as well!  through three sets of speakers, that was placed across the vast space.  It really was “Shivers up the spine” kind of feeling.

Malcy also was the person that made this whole event happen, and without him.. it would have been just a cold empty building, so Sir, I salute you! He is also part of a band called The Hot Potato Syncopaters, who are just amazing, great fun.. and very very surreal, have a look here.  He is also involved with ArtSpace LifeSpace and he will be putting on more art shows in the future!!

I was Lucky Enough to sell a piece of  art to some fellow artists, Charlotte Humpston and Terry Flaxton  really interesting people, and I am glad the piece went to such an amazing couple. Pic below of them in front of the art they bought.

And lastly, here are some pics of some of the setting up and the final images of the show, including Sandy Creighton’ art. Thankyou for all that came to this special show.. was the best project I have been involved in Thus far.

Be Lucky.


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