SKYBLUEGREY Art Show November 2012

I am pleased to announce the forthcoming Exhibition with Lisa Donovan. The show is called SKYBLUEGREY. info below.

Blue Sky Grey – an exhibition from Mark Hollis and Lisa Donavan

15th – 19th November


‘SKY BLUE GREY’ is an exhibition of the work of two artists: Mark Hollis and Lisa Donovan.

Each artist, using very different means of expression, deals with a subject matter increasingly important to us as a society and as individuals. Technology: what affect does it have on us and where do we stand in relation to it? This exhibition explores beyond the common ‘technology as useful tool’ view as both artists are interested in displaying the potential hidden consequences of living in a state of technological immersion.

About Mark…

Mark is known primarily as a portrait painter and an advocate of Urban Expressionism. But in this new series of works completed for ‘Sky Blue Grey’, Mark has turned to Landscape and Photography: depicting Bristol and the surrounding areas that he loves.

His new works question the ideas relating to perceived memory and how, now that we all live and work surrounded by technology, we act as a viewers and memory builders. Does technology alter our traditionally ‘romantic’ view of time and history? Are our memories now paused like a stuck video frame rather than a vague image?

Mark Lives and works in Bristol and has had numerous shows in both London and Bristol. He is a trained Graphic Designer and Illustrator, and has worked for record companies, including Acid Jazz, Mojo Filter, and Editions Mego. For more info please check out his work here:

About Lisa…

The main impetus of Lisas work is the exploration of our connection with technology; specifically modern technology. She tries to express through her art that it is the confusion, the reluctance, the errors, and the acts of refusal that make up the poetic expression of humanity; an expression that stands in opposition to the structures imposed by technology .

The images she creatres are made up of thousands of individually drawn triangles and take a considerable length of time to complete. The drawings that result as the output of the process are random and dictated by whim, physical limitations, and the constraints of time.
The errors in the shapes, the changes in direction, the point at which the process starts and stops, are her attempt to explain that we can never, and for this reason should never, negate the humanity of our selves: and that any system that does not allow for whimsy and capriciousness will ultimately fail us.

Lisa completed her BA (Hons) in Fine Art & Philosophy and is now researching for an MA looking at the relationship between Art, Technology and Magic. She is one of the founder members of the World Domination Art Collective ( and has exhibited widely in both the UK and Europe. Lisa currently lives in Bristol.

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