I have a piece of artwork in the quite amazing, PAPER Magazine . This issue is concerning the Future, and thoughts from Artists on this topic. It is quite a good quality magazine, nice thick paper, and a clever jacket design. At present, I think it is only available in Bristol U.K from CO-LAB Shop, tho I think it will be in the “Arnolfini” book shop, and “The Green leaf Bookshop” as well. for more info click the paper link above.

The Cover is by Dicy plus interview.. I really love the Kibwe Tavares Article a lot! Also worth noting the excellent Object.. below is a list of all Involved:

 Paris, Dicy, Kibwe Tavares, MadeScapes, LookRobot, AlphaSphere,  Benjamin Salt, Mark Hollis, George Chislett, Mat Miller, Object…, Luke Carter, Tania Hershman, Jak MCS, Anthony Garratt, Gemma Hampton, Freddy Burls, Jonathon Dixon, Jonny Byles, Josh Owen, Kimmy Kim, Dan Chernett, Lauren Bird, Luvm, Rob Starling, Thomas Lynn.

The magazine is very Bristol centric.. so it gives an idea of the art zeitgeist in Bristol at the moment. Each Issue is £5.00.

UPDATE  website nearly up and running, enquiries on purchasing etc. HERE



[Click image for a fuller size]