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I thought I would share the news, that I am in a new Exhibition. The premise is simple “6 ARTISTS, OVER 6 WEEKS”.. 6 new art shows, in The same venue, for 6 weeks.

The first week sees the wonderful delicate work of Cordelia Hutchison, Her work is light, but full of confident, mature and considered brush strokes.. very talented Painter.

Second week will be myself. Due to the sheer scale of the space, I will be showing my new landscapes (2013).. with some other older Pieces, including my Portraiture work.

The third week is a goodie!! (tho I am biased because she is a great friend of mine).. Lisa Donovan, I done an art show with her last year, and it was such fun! Her work comes from a more, Philosophical point of view, and considers technology and Magic(k). They are pieces to be pondered over, and absorbed.. very slowly, but once you “Get It” .. it is a joy!  She is also part of the World Domination group.

The Fourth Week is talented Graphic Designer, and Photogropher, Michael Chalmers. I am not too sure what he will be showing, but I bet it will be Colourful and Informative.

Week Five, is Bryony Ball.. A young Bristol Artist, Using Photography, Applied materials, and Interesting Graphic Design Experiments.  really excited about this 🙂

And lastly Spinks, Who takes body painting to the maximum! Spinks, fools the eye with colour, whilst obscuring the Human Form.


After the main exhibition has closed, there will be a Charity auction, of Pieces of art that we have all donated. The money raised will be for the Multiple Sclerosis Society.

Lastly… There is a Private Viewing on 29th April, (5pm – 8pm). The main artist, Claudia will be showing her work, but there will be art there from all the artists, For people to see, plus Press, etc. All info on the poster .  There is a Facebook page with other details (including the Private Viewing)