Hello, I have been a bit lax lately updating this page, without any good reason, apart from not having the time (bad excuse I know).

Anyway It has been a good June. I hooked up with Simone Kidner from PAPER magazine, and CO-LAB, and apart from other things; I now have 2 Prints In the shop.. An A2 framed “First Blow struck” for £120. and an A2  Unframed print, “Third Blow Struck” for only £60. The shop/ gallery is amazing.. with a fine selection of artwork for sale, Inc Dicey, James Starr .. plus loads of Bristol Artists. There is also Clothes, and cawfee served from a “Tuc Tuc”  🙂

As mentioned before, Simone also runs PAPER Magazine, and even though future issues are secure.. they want to make the magazine AD FREE! So more art and fine pieces of writing will grace the pages, rather than companies trying to sell you stuff.  So they have began a Kick Starter project.. to help fund future publications.. without those pesky Ad’s. I feature quite heavily in the video (much to my amazement).. but I am seriously Into making this project work.. it is one of the best publication’s I have been in.. take a look.. Video Below. Link Here.

This Month has also been a good month to sell Paintings.. and GhostBox has finally sold to the wonderful Gareth Rees, My favourite Writer at present. His Esoteric and Psychogeographic themed Pieces go to places never thought possible.. all influenced by his long walks with his dog “Hendrix” On Hackney Marshes. Check out his excellent blog here

Lastly My Montage work has been given an award on the wonderful Behance website, The curators of this influential  Art led site, has chosen my work from over 2 million artists.. So I am really chuffed.. If your an artist, and need a good platform to share your ideas, and works , then Hop on the Behance site Here.

Ok that is it for now.. long post.. but soo much going on.

Be Lucky. 🙂