As seen in an earlier post, I am working on self portraits.. it did start out as an exercise for a competition, now I am getting a little fixated with, the whole idea of portraying “Myself” I really feel uncomfortable, looking at my body/face. So The idea Is about conveying how I see myself and maybe how others view me, without producing a “Generic” Image . The images are applied montage, from my earlier paintings, plus the rabbit mask, hands etc are me.. so you are getting a self portrait.

Like a rabid dog, with a scrawny piece of bone.. I will not let it go, until I am satisfied, but then I question “Am I ever satisfied?” Urghh it is a weird thing to do, and once you start , you get into the dilemma of “Is that me?” etc.

For an example; If you was offered a sum of money to describe yourself, how would you start? Because as you work through this, it does get harder.. questioning your Ideas of the self, and “Am I being truthful etc can send you bonkers. So here is a few ideas.. and I am still not happy! I have until July 29th to submit my artwork.. In the meantime.. can I get out of this body now! and paint kittens and flowers in vases? As always , any comments would be great!

Cheers Then.


accidental_landscape2a test_self2 the_default_setting