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Today Me and a good friend went off to Lea Woods In Bristol to take some photos of “A weird and often talked about” Ritual or shamanic activity , that has been told to us for a while now. We actually thought the whole story of Witches in the woods quite funny , and quite stupid, and far fetched  in anyone’s stretch of a folly. But I do Like a story.. and if it includes witchcraft and magick, then I am kinda into this.

What happened was quite amusing at first, but then took a more sinister turn , as we stumbled upon spaces that had obviously been used for another purpose. I am still trying to work out if this was a joke or the stories are very very true!

I have included some pics.. but I kinda got freaked out and left.. But afterwards we both agreed that we should go back and take more photos. We even discussed camping in the woods at night, so we (actually ME, Could put this sorry “silly tale” to an end.

What I quite loved (as an artist) was that a lot looked very “staged” and with “Bower Ashton Art dept”  only 10 minutes walk away.. I put this down to an “Art Prank”  Anyway .. pics below.. and a very interesting day.. tho I do admit I was really spooked.

Be Lucky



We found two camps, one had five poles in the ground, and a burnt “Stake” in the middle.


outside camp number two.. we found this odd.. quite freaky Effigy of ??


Next to camp number one we found a rock with a flat surface with feathers carefully distributed over the surface. Now this could have been a stoat kill.. but a bit too tidy.

Any comments or anyone that has more stories of the Lea Woods Witches.. please contact me.. as this was one odd and scary day.