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Really there should be no introduction, But Thamesmead is the location of the Film A Clockwork Orange, and more recently “Misfits”. It has got soo much bad press over the years as being dangerous, a lost housing estate full of dark matter, and unlit alleyways , I found none of this. We was obviously “Tourists” as we spent about 6 hours there.. with cameras in hand. But no one bothered us, the Community Centre pub was great fun, and kind of stepping into A David Lynch, set.. or the green room for “The League Of Gentlemen.. we drank Guinness out of cans (the home kit that sonically makes a proper can of Guinness using Sonic waves!! Then the guy behind the bar starting telling us about the pop stars that make music videos there etc.  “The Barge Pole , is the other pub  just on the edge of the estate, near the Abbey Wood station, is a bar that looks like it has not been touched since the late sixties, with it bowed roof.. and veneer and beer soaked tables sat quite happily with Gypsies, Dirt covered men, and the most amazing barmaid who sang and danced behind the bar.. and a great host. Also worth of note is the quite good jukebox, but beware don’t put on too many obscure tracks or they will turn it down, as this happened to  Tim Holland (my excellent companion for the day).

The Estate itself , can be quite stunning, with majestic 16 storey tower blocks, looming over the lake with such presence , that I started daydreaming about have a flat there. Other areas , especially near the demolition is a bit rougher as squatters have moved in, but! this looks like the minority.


The Horses and Ponies roaming , and Grazing on the estate are amazing.. and we met one called “Barry”  most pleasant. Anyway below are some pics I took, I have only done the minimal post production on them to keep the rawness.

Thankyou Thamesmead!



I have been sent a great video from my dear friend Tim Holland about Thamesmead.. (made in 2008). He has informed me that he has dreamt of Thamesmead nearly every night since our “Field Trip”  it is a great video.. though I wish it could have been at least an hour longer. Also I have been re-blogged from the excellent website “A Take On Thamesmead” , thanks!. Ok .. video link here for the Guardian Video “Dreams Set In Concrete

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