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This must be the month to plug another Album! This is particularly amazing, and sits well with me whilst, making my landscapes. Gareth E Rees, also known as Hackney Marshman has teamed up with the  ensemble Jetsam. And released this great album A Dream Life Of Hackney Marshes


The sound they make is quite massive, but yet very very personal, this is because Gareth, reads out passages from his new Book “Marshland: Dreams and Nightmares on the Edge of London” whilst Jetsam, play esoteric “chamber Music” for the pre Digital generation  The sense of space.. and ethereal sound , match well with Gareth’s Odd tales, of “Water Works, Pigeons, (and my fave so far) Pylons”

The album is like having your “Walkman” on, whilst rambling through Hackney Marshes, On a beautiful Autumn morning.. crisp air, and your hands thrust deep, in your coat pockets. Whilst Gareth is whispering in your ear about local legends, Pylon sex, and Modern Love.. which as I said earlier.. makes the whole sound very immersive. I think the CD has sold out.. But you can listen then buy the album here.

For further reading you can check out Gareth’s excellent Blog here