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Avid readers of my blog know that I adore Jame’s Austin Murray’s work.             From His protest Against Damien Hirst. To his huge blackest ever black paintings.

I Met this piece of art , and I took it home. I am now a proud owner of a James Austin Murray Piece , as yet Untitled. It hangs in my Living Room and the interplay of light hitting the surface shows different hues every time.. it is constantly shifting, depending on the light ambiance and my mood. It is singularly the best piece of art that I own. 

Each Morning I can smell the Linseed , the paint, and somehow a little bit of NYC. In my home.. that is Good Magic.

 Original Post Here with the video he made About the great Car Salesman oops Artist!.

Jim Austin Murray and myself In London 2014.jim_hollis_email

Artwork in My Living room.jim-email