I am pleased to announce that I am part of the “World Domination Art Collective” WD11 show in Germany (details on the poster).

It is on from the 25th-29th September, and the nearest city is Munich.  the show is Curated by the collective’s Co Founder Lisa Donovan. It is going to be great. , This time around i wont be at the venue, but, There will be artists there, to show you around and have a chat. The Venue is massive, the show will be split across several rooms, some of the rooms are very odd! they are perfect for sound and visual art. The Building is just stunning! and also includes a hotel, bar etc.. and has had numerous art shows there.

This is the third time that World Domination Art Collective have put on art shows here.. and this is another chapter towards total art mass hysteria , that we all have dreamt about..  More info below: