On the 27th November at Spike Island, There will be an informal book reading with Gareth E rees. He will be reading from his excellent book “Marshlands” Then later he will be performing at The Orchard Inn.

“In Marshland Gareth E. Rees seeks to access a deeper truth about human experience though a fusion of fictional and non-fictional writing. The book follows Rees as he wanders the marshes of east London avoiding his family and the pressures of life and encountering a lost world of Victorian filter plants, ancient grazing lands, dead toy factories and tidal rivers. As strange tales of bears, crocodiles, magic narrowboats and apocalyptic tribes begin to manifest themselves, Rees embarks on an hallucinatory journey across time and into the dark heart of London.”

Highly recommended   He will be also performing live with Jetsam who have also made an album which you can download here.


This should be an interesting evening.