Firstly a very happy new year to my readers and followers, I appreciate your time and your custom over 2014.

2014 was quite a horrible year, a tough year, and most annoyingly a little unproductive. Without getting out my chamber orchestra, to produce melancholic string stabs, I had some bad news of an illness in my family, (she is ok now).. so there was a lot of myself travelling across back and forth in the U.K to be with my family, was very depressing (to be honest) But hey! I carried on, then bam! in april I was penniless.

Sales had dried up, work flow stopped and I had to end up using a foodbanks for survival. The year of myself taking my eye off the ball seemed the best way to describe this period. After trying to get back to some kind of work schedule, I was stricken down with Sciatica, and a really bout of bad back (I have a bulge in my lower spine.) this led to me being pretty much house bound, for 3 months. The studio was empty of excitement and productivity, as I could not even sit in my office chair. Standing for more than a minute was quite impossible.. ahem. well i have been tested and probed and had a MRI scan to check for cancer, and everything is ok!

Well enough of this doom and gloom, I am back in the studio working on new paintings. I am still obsessed by placement of buildings on the landscape.. and still obsessed by colour, and the Golden Section.

There is some exciting news coming. and it is pretty great, But I dont want to jinx anything by yabbering on about it. But lets just say, after the German show last year, I have got the taste for it, and Hollis Art is branching out to another country, in the autumn. (very excited).

Also As you well know I sell work, that is how I survive. I sell prints A4- A2 size. Contact me if you have any queries about purchasing work. It is a good time to buy as I don’t sell exclusively through a gallery, so I can charge very reasonable rates. But this will not be forever as I have already lined up some galleries for 2015. So If you want my work on YOUR wall , then going through myself, would be value for money.

Also I have a 3 of my large landscapes from “Sky Blue Grey” exhibition still for sale. Also some older portraits, again contact me. for your reference you can get to me at 23creative@gmail.com

Ok as you all know I don’t wear my heart on my sleeve. But I think I need to explain everything as some collectors and readers have been concerned. Well lets take 2015, ride it like no tomorrow, and lets have fun, warmth and love for 2015.

Be Lucky