HMO At Dawn – 2015.

dawn dawn_landscape

HMO At Dawn – 2015. Photomontage, Mixed media On Museum Quality Portrait white 285gsm paper.

Some new work. I really enjoyed doing this.. you would not believe all the different versions I have had to go through to get here.

You can really view this one, two or even on three levels,  As you can hang them as landscape or portrait.

I started this off as a Landscape, and because it was all going so well, I never even thought would it would look like in Portrait, but it worked .. So started working in that format for a few hours , the realised that the piece really works on both levels. As this was not planned at all , I really  do not know if I would explore this dual viewing more.

It is based on the Begrisch Hall, Bronx Community College, NYC. It is just an amazing building.

Click here to view on etsy with more pics

Thanks for  looking.


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