Good Morning! and Today brings great news if you want to buy my artwork for very,VERY, reasonable prices. The Design Outlet MONOQI has a flash sale for seven days of my artwork at insane prices.

MONOQI is similar to MADE.COM As it sells Home designer goods, from concrete lampshades, to futuristic domestic gadgets.
Because of the nature of the site you will need to register (I just use my facebook) and Bingo! you will be part of a designer buying club.

They have 13 of my images for sale for SEVEN DAYS. These are unsigned, but the print quality is top notch.. grab em whilst you can.

Have a look as well at all of the other fabulous Designers. It is of the highest quality. (As are the team at Monoqi.) Get in. Before they sell out.

lovely stuff. 🙂