Morning all. Look I have reviews on Etsy!
This Etsy Is a strange beast. As I have mentioned before, it moves really really slowly, and I have been told to be patient.. and now after 4 months I have some sales. Now (AS you know) I do sell a lot of unsigned prints, And this is a great introduction to owning something special. But what now? ..

Well you buy A Hand signed Print directly from me. I am with your artwork from start to finish, often editing images in the printers studio right up to the last minute. then quality checking consistency and colour.
I then worry how it will fit into the it’s new home, and I wonder how it will get along with it’s new owners.
I live with it every second… from conception as a tiny bubble of an idea in my head, right upto me having dreams of it trundling through the postal network in it’s nicely packaged art tube.

I cherish these moments of care and love That I put into every piece. Be part of this process, spread the joy. !

You have caught me in a great mood this morning Cheers for all your support, damn! it makes it all worthwhile. 🙂