ok anyone know of any studio spaces available from September onwards? Max £200 per month, must have all the usual utilities and broadband. must be in central (ish) Bristol

The space will be used as a work place only, and will be open normal business hours. As I can be busy with trading/admin, I will most probably hire an intern/part time staff in the next few months to help out.
So I will need enough space for a couple of desktops. and drawing boards.

Ideally I am looking for a space large enough for a dry work area, for my digital and Photography work, but also a small wet area, for painting.

Obviously I am looking on Bristol Creatives etc.. and the usual outlets, but word of mouth is always better. Due to the nature of my funding, I can pay 6 months, or even yearly! if the space is perfect!

spread the word & keep me posted.

Thanks Everso.