Bring on some more.

Some more images from the last couple of weeks. I have been kinda meditating on these , and was very aware of the calm and my breathing when doing these. really was quite an enjoyable experience!

It is funny how my mood is affected by the themes I am exploring. I get very stressed painting, and actually it is a bit of a war with the medium, trying to tame liquids on canvas. I do enjoy painting but I truly get my sanity back doing work like this.

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Travelogue. 43x60cm. 2019.

The Last Three Days. 43x60cm. 2019.

The More I See You, The More I Want You. 43x60cm. 2019.

Cross processing experiments

I have been playing around with Cross processing.
I stumbled upon this when I worked at Avoncolor labs in the 90’s, much to the utter dismay of the company..

Cross processing happens when you develop C41 film (normal film) with E6 developing chemicals (E6 is used for transparencies). Or vis a vis, E6 to C41.
I done this by mistake and the company had to pay compensation to the client, which ran into the low thousands!! Not a great day at all.
However I loved the effect it produced, and I played around with cross processing a bit more.. but stopped it about two years later.
I am revisiting this process again.

(In an earlier post I mentioned about a new process i am working through, this is not it.. the other process involves lots of painted cardboard .. I will update more when i have it.)

Image: Room To Breathe (A2 size).


Reduced prices on my large 70 x 100cm prints.

I have dropped prices on my Huge prints!
keep that Brexit fear away with European inspired art.
If you feel angry, start a cultural revolution in your home by buying my piece “Tantrum”
It may not get us back into Europe, but you can smile with this colourful homage of my love of Brutalism and modern living.
It is 70 x 100cm. It costs £125 and it is HUGE! .