Enter Colour and Entropy.

Some new experimental pieces, all these are A3 size.



“1972 ”   2013.


“Bedsit Diaries”  2013.


“First Blow Struck” 2013.


“Second Blow Struck”  2013.


“The Grand Piano”  2013.


“Hidden Spectrum”  2013.

The Horror Continues….

I must say that I am completely immersed in my Hauntology artworks, that I have been eagerly (scrub that) … Inspired to the point of some kind of Nirvana… I am Obsessed!

These are really just an experiment, I am not stopping painting, But I needed to revisit Some ideas I have had for about 5 or 6 years, so …Collage/Montage  reflect some of that graphic pop stuff that just shout .. “Whoo Hoo i’m in Photoshop!!” and “Hello! Corel Painter fan over here”  …..But it has to be done.

Anyway below, another Hauntology Piece called “Bang”  it is really more illustration.. err maybe editorial in style.. anyway it has 5 easy reference points to a Narrative, that refers  to similar ideas in the two earlier pieces. It is a huge file of 960 meg and lots of layers 30! everyone poured over, like Dracula, checking his kinky pop’ness In swinging 60’s London.

This is Justa kinda.. phase I am going through..     But I have had So Much Fun doing them. I have been a Horror fan since I was about 11 or 12.. when BBC2 Used to show Horror Double Bills on a Saturday Night.

Two years later, I was a Goth. When I was more self aware.. It was Polanski, Pinter, Beckett, Psychic Tv, Hammer, Suspiria, 70’s decor, The White Noise, Public Information Films, Throbbing Gristle then .. much later.. Ghostbox, Gasper Noe, Harmony Korine, Pye Corner Audio, Stereolab, Werner Herzog, American Horror Story, Peter Blake, Andy Warhol, Public Information Films, Vampyros Lesbos, Pizzicato Five, Here we go round the Mulberry Bush.. etc..

You see what I have gleaned from all this, is that; Horror is not in castles, defended by headless coachmen, or is it as menacing , as Venice and a red coated small witch.  It is Scarier in your own home.

Anyway .. Painting will be coming later this year.. but for the time being..        “the horror .. the horror”


“The Table Tapping”

Ok .. another Hauntology Inspired piece called “The Table Tapping” Again this a Montage.. Maybe the Ghost has been shaken, but not too sure.

Someone asked the size of these pieces, well they are A3 Size.. I will get two of them printed next week.. and work out pricing for them, But will be most likely to be £75 each. (unframed).



“The Play For Today”

A very dark piece, inspired by the Photographer Geoff Robinson.. I wanted to encompass a feeling of the bleak winters of the 1970’s coupled with my fascination of Witchcraft and iconography that left an imprint… on my tastes in art and graphic design to this day. I have left the narrative pretty open, as there are many themes running through this piece. I will be making more images similar to these, as it is a Ghost that I cannot shake off.