Add more to the list…

I have been exploring, the 3D space a bit more with these pieces. I do love making flatter images, and distorted perspective, but I am finding, that these spaces, make me want to explore more.

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‘ Metaphysical Shade’ . Fine Art Print. 43x60cm. 2019.

September Rabbits. Fine Art Print. 43x60cm. 2019.

Bring on some more.

Some more images from the last couple of weeks. I have been kinda meditating on these , and was very aware of the calm and my breathing when doing these. really was quite an enjoyable experience!

It is funny how my mood is affected by the themes I am exploring. I get very stressed painting, and actually it is a bit of a war with the medium, trying to tame liquids on canvas. I do enjoy painting but I truly get my sanity back doing work like this.

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Travelogue. 43x60cm. 2019.

The Last Three Days. 43x60cm. 2019.

The More I See You, The More I Want You. 43x60cm. 2019.

New work for 2019.


Below is some new work, featuring some of my exhaustive collection of photos from my trip to NYC last year. I hope you enjoy them, more to follow!

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Manhattan skyline

Visible Spirits

No wave

Central wave

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Final Analysis

Lost Air

Hallucinogenic Angles_blog
The Angel of TriBeCa