More new work.

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An American Portrait. 43x60cm. Fine Art print. 2019.
The Soft Mechanism. 60x43cm. Fine art print. 2019.

New work for 2019.


Below is some new work, featuring some of my exhaustive collection of photos from my trip to NYC last year. I hope you enjoy them, more to follow!

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Manhattan skyline

Visible Spirits

No wave

Central wave

The False Analysis_blog
Final Analysis

Lost Air

Hallucinogenic Angles_blog
The Angel of TriBeCa

Baby lemonade.

Just finished a new painting, Baby lemonade, 20×20 inches, acrylic on canvas.

This is inspired by my trip to Coney Island, Brooklyn, NYC. I was very lucky as it was a super sunny and had an almost painful (to my eyes) brightness. It took me maybe 20 mins to let my eyes adjust, soo many colours, and shapes that you see on the boardwalk. it is intoxicating.

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