A new project

Here is a teaser image of a new project/product I have been working on.
More info and newer product images will be posted as soon as I get em.






Colour And Shape.

I am delighted to show a short conversation, made by Film maker Mark R. Hancock Filmed over one day in my Home studio in St Werburgs, Bristol.

Was a brilliant day. and Mark really made me feel at ease, great fun all round! he is available for video work, so contact him via his Vimeo page

Also the music is made by me, from way back in 2008!

Have a look!

Colour and Shape – In Conversation with Hollis from MemeCortex Productions on Vimeo.

Switch-hit Future


Well what a weird day.. I had just finished a painting yesterday, and it is sold already!!
I have been in conversation with a follower from this blog, and have been sending him pics of the progress of it.
He bought it , when I showed him the final piece. Amazing stuff!!

Thank you very much, (you know who you are).

This work is called:

“Switch-hit Future” and is Acrylic, Masking tape, sugar paper and cardboard on canvas. 24″ x 24″
This will be on sale soon as a print in my online shop.

Things We Do At The weekend (Part two).

After much talk, and half baked ideas via Facebook over a year long period about making a small film about my art and practice with the Film Maker, copy writer, and artist Mark R Hancock, kinda eventually faded.

The topic was raised again, and Mark actually visited me today to make that small film about my Art and my process.

Hopefully it should be all done in the next month or so, as Mark is a busy boy!

I will be intrigued find out how the shots of myself painting and trying explain something I am currently making, comes across ok.

Mark is really great to work with, and his patience helped with any “first night nerves” More to follow , but managed to do a couple of snaps in-between takes. (Oh get me!).






Lights, Camera, Action!


Film maker controls secondary camera via phone.

Things we do at the weekend.

On Saturday night I went to Eastville project space, art gallery in Yeovil, to catch the end of Fiona Winning’s super art show, “as i saw it”.
Then stayed to watch Assembled Minds, and pHarmerz play a live set to a small but informed crowd in the gallery.

If you recall, I designed their new album “20 Acid Clonk greats” So it was a thrill to see them play live.. they have their own take on acid house, and it is a force to be reckoned with! It is free form acid.. and the huge sound that engulfs you.

Assembled Minds opened the show, playing new material.. the riffs he makes are quite something.. odd but compelling. and the last two pieces had people nodding and swaying in his world.

It was an amazing night, nice to catch up, and meet  with new people there.
I brought along my camera and took 122 photos.. but unfortunately my camera got condensation inside, so taking photos in a dark room with a blurry viewfinder added some chaos.

assembled minds and pHarmerz were both amazing. A thoroughly enjoyable evening.
Assembled Minds is Matt Saunders
pHarmerz are: Farmer Glitch (Ex Hacker Farm) and Nick Edwards (Ekoplekz, Emmplekz, and Ekoclef).

Here are a small selection. ~~For more info and sounds please click the links above.

(*NOTE: I also designed Nick’s album on Editions Mego)


Matt saunders From Assembled minds.


Matt saunders From Assembled minds.


Matt saunders From Assembled minds.


Assembled Minds Set up!


Assembled Minds Set up!


pHarmerz causing an electric storm


pHarmerz, exeprt knob twiddlers


Acid Whig out, via the pHarmerz.


pHarmerz summoning the god of acid.


Nick quietly setting up.