Two New Pieces.


Light Confusion – 2015.


Neon Is The Colour Of Sun Rays. 2015.

Here is some new work I have been working on, My muse this time is Neon lighting, not the object itself, but how it’s light plays on surfaces, and the bizzare shadows they cast. sometimes jarring, ever present and somehow other worldly.. gases and sparks. click.

Both are Photomontage Mixed media on Museum quality paper. A2 & A3 Sizes.

Please let me know what you think, as these are getting even more abstract and more wilder, But I hope it has a sense of fun.. as usual the prints look far better than on here, lots of deep blacks (five shades!), crisp lines and colors that will Pop! 

Both are on sale  NOW Through my Etsy Shop

Cheers Then!


Monday Morning News.


Morning all. Look I have reviews on Etsy!
This Etsy Is a strange beast. As I have mentioned before, it moves really really slowly, and I have been told to be patient.. and now after 4 months I have some sales. Now (AS you know) I do sell a lot of unsigned prints, And this is a great introduction to owning something special. But what now? ..

Well you buy A Hand signed Print directly from me. I am with your artwork from start to finish, often editing images in the printers studio right up to the last minute. then quality checking consistency and colour.
I then worry how it will fit into the it’s new home, and I wonder how it will get along with it’s new owners.
I live with it every second… from conception as a tiny bubble of an idea in my head, right upto me having dreams of it trundling through the postal network in it’s nicely packaged art tube.

I cherish these moments of care and love That I put into every piece. Be part of this process, spread the joy. !

You have caught me in a great mood this morning Cheers for all your support, damn! it makes it all worthwhile. :-)

A Big Thankyou.


Just a quick note to say a big thankyou to all of you that bought some of my gear at the seven day Flash Sale Over at the wonderful MONOQI design outlet.
Well! I am shocked! I have sold a SHED LOAD of prints in SEVEN DAYS. It has been fun to do, and I really do hope you have fun with the artwork, as much as I did making it.
If you have any photos of my art in your home, why not post it on here? be nice wouldn’t it?
The thrill of sooo many of my works being sold is such a joy. Hooray. x


Good Morning! and Today brings great news if you want to buy my artwork for very,VERY, reasonable prices. The Design Outlet MONOQI has a flash sale for seven days of my artwork at insane prices.

MONOQI is similar to MADE.COM As it sells Home designer goods, from concrete lampshades, to futuristic domestic gadgets.
Because of the nature of the site you will need to register (I just use my facebook) and Bingo! you will be part of a designer buying club.

They have 13 of my images for sale for SEVEN DAYS. These are unsigned, but the print quality is top notch.. grab em whilst you can.

Have a look as well at all of the other fabulous Designers. It is of the highest quality. (As are the team at Monoqi.) Get in. Before they sell out.

lovely stuff. :-)


Artwork now on

I am happy to announce that I have just signed a licensing deal with FAB.COM to sell High Quality Glicee Prints to my North American Collectors!

As you know that has a great wealth of Art and up and coming artists. So I am obviously delighted to be involved with this new project. I am starting to sell more and more work to the U.S so this is an exciting time for me.

As stated before, is only available in the U.S only. Do not worry though as you can still buy from Etsy, (hand signed prints) and Society6 (open edition prints)

Thanks for looking, . H.

fab1 fab2

HMO At Dawn – 2015.

dawn dawn_landscape

HMO At Dawn – 2015. Photomontage, Mixed media On Museum Quality Portrait white 285gsm paper.

Some new work. I really enjoyed doing this.. you would not believe all the different versions I have had to go through to get here.

You can really view this one, two or even on three levels,  As you can hang them as landscape or portrait.

I started this off as a Landscape, and because it was all going so well, I never even thought would it would look like in Portrait, but it worked .. So started working in that format for a few hours , the realised that the piece really works on both levels. As this was not planned at all , I really  do not know if I would explore this dual viewing more.

It is based on the Begrisch Hall, Bronx Community College, NYC. It is just an amazing building.

Click here to view on etsy with more pics

Thanks for  looking.



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