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some news on a (UK) National level.. (Blimey).

I will be in “S Magazine”… (page 5). that comes with the Sunday Express on the 27th September. (This Sunday)

I will be in the “Get This! section.. There is a bit more , but that would spoil the surprise would it not? anyway as a spoiler , here is the page “Header”

I am very very happy to have been asked to be included in this magazine.

Henry Holland, hello. :-)

(Header for the page above)


In other news , that has nothing to do with art. (but a lot to do with my soul)

I have a puppy!! yes a beautiful living being, that needed my help.. and it is really welcomed into the Hollis household. I give you Otto (named after Otto Dix of course)  ;-)

He is already my world, and I really look forward to all our adventures together, we are going to have a fine happy life. I really do feel blessed. He is an 8 week old Jack Russell, and I am speechless.



Huxley’s Big Trip: A Lysergic Musical Adventure . From Unofficial Britain


“Toot! Toot! Time for another psychedelic cross-dimensional adventure with Unofficial Britain.”

As to be expected,This includes some utterly ridiculous, classy, folky, hypnotic, & obscure choons that delight, and wonder. CHECK IT.
Thanks for using one of my artworks to illustrate this Document. works well!

Call out. Studio space urgently needed. (Bristol UK).

ok anyone know of any studio spaces available from September onwards? Max £200 per month, must have all the usual utilities and broadband. must be in central (ish) Bristol

The space will be used as a work place only, and will be open normal business hours. As I can be busy with trading/admin, I will most probably hire an intern/part time staff in the next few months to help out.
So I will need enough space for a couple of desktops. and drawing boards.

Ideally I am looking for a space large enough for a dry work area, for my digital and Photography work, but also a small wet area, for painting.

Obviously I am looking on Bristol Creatives etc.. and the usual outlets, but word of mouth is always better. Due to the nature of my funding, I can pay 6 months, or even yearly! if the space is perfect!

spread the word & keep me posted.

Thanks Everso.



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