Two new pieces.

Hallucination Station. 43x60cm.

Context of Experience. 43x60cm.


New work for 2019.


Below is some new work, featuring some of my exhaustive collection of photos from my trip to NYC last year. I hope you enjoy them, more to follow!

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Manhattan skyline


Visible Spirits


No wave


Central wave

The False Analysis_blog

Final Analysis


Lost Air

Hallucinogenic Angles_blog

The Angel of TriBeCa

Happy new year (In ye Olde’ England)

I wish you all well on this last day of 2018.

It has been a completely odd experience here in the U.K in the last two years or so since we had that vote that triggered, a period in history that will be laughed and scorned at. Something so ridiculous that it will be used in case studies in human stupidity, for decades to come.

Lots of great things have happened to me in 2018. But, we are buggered now. So things have changed. Life. seems to remain “optically” normal , but hey! We carry on as in some kind of never ending grief about the loss of the empire. It seems if the as the new normal works meanwhile the government are really masquerading as politicians , in charge of some back street  middle management Double Glazing company playing back room deals, slapping each other on the backs, whilst we are living in a country which is so divided, politically and by blame and pie eyed ideas, that seem to be made up in some bizzare “lets fuck Britain, Bingo”

Below is something from my sketchbook, that was made this afternoon, the type was added after.


Be lucky.



Some sketchbook work.

I have been falling in love with my sketchbook all over again, after, stopping photographic research for a bit and get back to doodling some ideas for new paintings.

I have selected a few of my favourites here. But you can view more on my instagram here; & Facebook here.

Have a Happy Holiday season.

see you in 2019.