The Crossing.


“The Crossing”
30 x 40 inches. 2018.
Acrylic, emulsion, and paper on canvas.

Still wet, and pretty happy with this, tho for the last few days, my studio has become so unbearable with this heat, paint was drying super quick in my pots, and sweat dripped, but I done it in the end.

I have included, the various stages of this painting.


This painting is for sale, Hit me up at for further info and price.

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(Image: Implicit Order)

Today is the day when a group of artists, musicians, fans alike are paying respects to Dave law who sadly passed from Cancer earlier this year.

As mentioned in my last post, There will be a gig tonight in Glasgow, but if you cannot attend you can go and listen to a variety of music and video online, from soo many bands including, Chris Carter (Throbbing Gristle, Chris and cosey, Conspiracy international). Robin Rimbaud (scanner), Security, Laica, Ruby, 3 daughters, and much more.

To find these nuggets , just hashtag #ADayForDil on twitter, or search on Facebook. Also all money raised will be going to Macmillan Trust, please donate if you can.

Here is a web page with all the links, GO THERE NOW.

To see my contribution please click here.

A Day For Dil

On the 23rd June I will be involved in a day of celebration, of the life and death of Dave Law, more commonly known as DIL23.
Dil23 was a supporter of so many bands and artists alike (including me) and he championed the leftfield arts with so much passion and gusto.

On the 23rd day of June, “A Day for Dil” will commence. It is a multimedia platform, including video, art, music, and word, spread over the internet and culminating in a live show in Glasgow (see flyer below).

I am honoured to be asked to take part in this celebration of his life and have submitted a new art piece especially made for this event.

On the day of the 23rd there will be web links spread all over the net, so it will be like a massive arts trail.
The links will be online for at least 24 hours.
I will post more info next week. with links.

So many contributors, just paying their respects to a lovely, lovely man.


More to follow.


Silent Pride.

I have been experimenting more with my camera, and I am starting to fall in love with still life subjects. the task is to make an inanimate piece of plastic come to life, and I think I am getting there. For the time being, an old Mothers pride novelty flour shaker has become my muse.

Check back for more images and prices when I release these as limited editions soon.

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Silent pride.
Photographic print. 2018.
Nikon D800, 105mm lens, One spot light, one lamp, and no flash.