Art prints, and Hastings event 23.03.18

I have been busy prepping prints to show at the book launch of The Stone Tide. The event is on 23 March 2018 in Hastings.

I shall be there if you fancy a chat and also to learn more about The Stone Tide.

I will be also showing framed artwork used for the book cover, prints are for sale on the night.

For more info please follow this link (Facebook)



Haunted by a Nuclear Power Station


As you may know, I have just completed a book cover for the writer Gareth E. Rees.

In an article on Unofficial Britain, Gareth talks about a painting he bought off me called “Ghostbox” and the influence it had on his latest novel The Stone Tide.

feeling very humbled that my work can inspire other people, way after it has left my studio. Read the article here.

The Stone Tide is now on sale via Influx Press


latest work now on sale.

I am pleased to announce that I have some new prints on sale. These are really quite something with neon colours, and a fantasy/ Sci-Fi twist!

As usual, buildings are my muse, and these are reflections on my memories of living on a housing estate in the 1970’s and my feelings towards new planets, and unheard technologies.

These are high quality prints on archival museum quality paper, and have a no fade guarantee of 100 years +

If you would rather buy directly from myself, then drop me a line at:

Click here to see the rest of my prints currently for sale.

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Thanks very much!







The Stone Tide continued.

Following up from my last post about The Stone Tide book cover I designed, here are some pictures.

The first Image is the inspiration for the book cover, chosen by the author. He actually has this and other pieces of my art in his home. The image is called First Blow Struck. For more pics why not visit my Facebook page here.

You can buy the book here.




Base artwork, and image of printers proof of hardback jacket cover.